Monday, July 26, 2010

Flower Power Party at Convention

On Wednesday (check-in day) Stampin' Up! hosted a Flower Power Party. Many of the demonstrators chose to go all out and dress up. I didn't go all out but I did wear a dress that looked like it could have been from the sixties.Here I am with the Singing Serenadors.
Even Shelli and Sterling got dressed up for the Party!

We were told that there would be a game show on Saturday during the Closing Session. Qualifications were held at the Flower Power Party. This is a list of the games we had a chance of playing if we made the cut. I will share more photos from the game show later. I will tell you that I had a blast!!!

The Party was so much fun! I think everyone there had a lot of fun! I will share more Convention photos and exciting news tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting and see you tomorrow,

You could be one of us lucky demonstrators who get to attend Convention next year! Check out my website here and use password CreativeSpace to sign up to be a demo.


  1. Roberta, wasn't convention fantastic? I just signed up to follow you. Please hop over to my blog and check it out.

  2. How are you going to spend your $50?

    Love your 60's look, by the way. :)

  3. We had so much fun that night and all week. So glad we got to room together. I just found the follow the blog post so am trying to catch up. You are only #12 and there are 196 or so!!