Sunday, July 25, 2010

Waiting in the airport & First day of Convention

I know I said I would try to post photos and information from Convention, but I was so tired every night. It was so exciting!

Wednesday was check-in day. We got a really cute messenger bag with our FREE stamp sets and Convention agenda. Right after check-in, I got in line for the Riverton Campus tour. While we were waiting on the bus, one of the staff members offered 6 of us a VIP tour of the campus as part of the You Crew. To my surprise, I got chosen!!!Here is a photo of the Riverton Campus from the bus as we pulled up.

Here we are on the pick line getting ready to fill some actual orders. How lucky were we?!

That is all for today. Be sure to come back tomorrow because I have more fun Convention photos to share!


P.S. If you want to have this much fun, contact me to find out how to become a demonstrator.

I forgot to tell you that my flight got delayed and now I have to wait a the airport for three hours! Oh well, now I get more time to look through the catalog and update my wish list!!!

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  1. I'm glad they brought the picking part of the tour back. That was one of my favorite experiences back in 2007!