Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Why

As part of Stampin' Up!'s Recruit Crew, our first Act was to create our own My Why story. This story is to put in writing why we decided to join the Recruit Crew and drives us to succeed.

I have thought about it and decided that I want to recruit people who will eventually become good friends. Who couldn't use more friends? "It's good to dream!" Dream about what comes next in my Stampin' Up! business and make it happen. Dream about all the great product and put them to use. Finally, I want to be a part of a great team. I already am because I am a part of the Stampin' Up! team. I would also like to build my own team of great stampers.

There you have it. My Why story. After Convention, I am planning on putting this in a frame and putting it somewhere I can see it everyday. I intend to stick with it and one day create a new My Why story with all new goals.

Thanks for visiting and see you next time.



  1. I'm part of the Recruit Crew too!!! It is much needed, because my business is NO WHERE CLOSE to where I want it to be. You have a GREAT "My Why Story" and I can't wait to do mine. I'm going to be doing it at an all day crop I get to go to this Saturday. Woohoo I need that time to myself! If you ever need any motivation with the crew stuff let me know, because you're not alone in this.

  2. This is great Roberta. Thanks for sharing it.