Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Village of Cuteness

My village is finally complete!I am so glad that I was able to attend the Village of Cuteness class at Convention. It was one of two classes offered for an additional fee. I had so much fun during class making these cute houses. Two of my roommates and I sat at a table with three other wonderful ladies. We were laughing and talking almost the whole time. We had a two hour window to finish the houses, but nobody there was able to completely finish all three in those two hours. I got the majority of them finished but had to put the finishing touches on them after I got home.
Here is a close up of the small house. You can't really tell from the photo, but the hinges on the door are library clips with the handles cut off. We used the distressing kit for the door and planter box. I like the way the rhinestones on the flowers give that little "pop" of shine.

I think this middle one is my favorite. Once again the hinges are library clips with the handles cut off and the distressing kit was used on the door. I really like the mini pin for the door handle. The rosette near the top of the house was made using a new tool coming out in the new Holiday mini. This new tool makes scoring so much easier! I will be getting one for sure! I will let you know more about it once it is available.
Last but not least, the large house. Those little circles were a pain to punch out. I punched out twenty five small circles from each paper. That is 125 little circles! They were stuck one with mini glues dots one by one. Not the most fun use of my time, but I do like the result. The key is a super cute touch and I think my favorite on this house.

Stampin' Up! has some really great designers don't they!?! This class was one of the highlights of my Convention experience this year! If you want to go to Convention next year, sign up online at http://robertasmith.stampinup.net and we can go together!

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